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网络时代如何边打游戏边学习 MinecraftEdu做到了

行业资讯 / 2024-02-07 02:45

本文摘要:“We kept MinecraftEdu very open-ended to be a platform that teachers could create their own content on top of,” said Levin. “The secret sauce has been early-adopter teachers coming up with ingenious lessons and then sharing their lesson plans and cu


“We kept MinecraftEdu very open-ended to be a platform that teachers could create their own content on top of,” said Levin. “The secret sauce has been early-adopter teachers coming up with ingenious lessons and then sharing their lesson plans and curriculums with other teachers. Educators can find, discover and download this content and get them running in their own classrooms.”莱文说道,“我们将MinecraftEdu打导致一个高度对外开放的平台,这样一来,教师们就可以在其中创立自己的内容。该软件的秘密武器在于,早期用于该软件的教师不会研发独具匠心的课程,然后将其教学计划和课程与其他老师共享。

老师们可以找寻、找到和iTunes这一内容,并在自己的课堂上用于。”In the U.S., history teachers are recreating ancient worlds in the game and then having students go on virtual adventures, talking to historical characters, or having students create historical landmarks based on what they learned in class. In Australia, a science teacher created giant 3D models of cells and neurotransmitters and let the class explore them. Other teachers have used the simulation aspect of the game, having kids do experiments with MinecraftEdu gravity and then comparing that to the real world and coming up with a hypothesis and proving it.在美国,历史教师于是以利用游戏修复古代世界,然后让学生们开始其虚拟世界征程,与历史人物对话,或让学生根据课堂所学修复地标性历史建筑。在澳大利亚,科学老师创立了一个极大的细胞和神经递质三维模型,并让学生们对其展开探寻。其他老师则充分发挥了该游戏的仿真功能,让孩子们利用MinecraftEdu做到重力实验,然后与真实世界的结果展开对比,从而明确提出假设并展开证明。

In Denmark, ESL teacher André Chercka used MinecraftEdu to help educate troubled teens. Kids can play the game in the classroom, but they have to speak only English. Because the game is so engaging, teachers find students pushing themselves and learning English.在丹麦,非母语英语课程教师安德鲁o查卡用于MinecraftEdu协助教育问题少年。孩子们可以在课堂玩游戏,但前提是不能说道英语。在该游戏的反感更有下,教师们找到学生们一个个都在希望地自学英语。“Book learning can only go so far,” said Levin. “You need to communicate to another person to solve problems and ultimately to succeed.”莱文说道,“从书本上教给的东西总是受限的。

要想要解决问题并最后获得成功,人们得与其他人展开交流。”Even at younger grade levels, the game has been successfully integrated into education. In kindergarten classrooms, the game is used for play like LEGOs. Around the second-grade level, instructors are using the game to teach children about how communities work and the different roles in society. The game is good at modeling things like asking a group of kids to build a town and assigning different tasks like chopping wood and making tools. That concept was taken to another level at one high school, where a government teacher let kids form their own society. They wrote a town charter and had a great debate about how to govern and how to divide labor.即便是在较低的年级,这款游戏也早已被顺利地统合到教学当中。在幼儿园教室里,孩子们像玩乐低积木一样玩游戏这款游戏。


他们编写了城镇章程,而且就城镇管理方式和劳动分配方式展开了十分有意义的辩论。“At the meta level if you have some programming skills you can change the game to add whatever you want to it,” said Levin, who noted that the game is also being used to teach programming at some schools. “I’ve seen videos from a calculus class where students were making shapes using MinecraftEdu blocks that conformed to the formulas they were studying. Other students built the Globe Theater and then stood on stage reciting Shakespeare.”莱文注意到一些学校在编程教学中也在用于该游戏,他说道:“如果你享有一些元级层次的编程技术,你可以对游戏展开变更,并按照自己的点子减少任何组件。在我看完的一段微积分课程视频中,学生们用于MinecraftEdu方块按照所学公式来重新组合各种形状。其他的学生则搭起了环球剧场(Globe Theater),然后车站在台上朗读莎士比亚的作品。

”MinecraftEdu is helping debunk the stigma attached to video games—generally that they’re a waste of time or lead to addictive or negative behavior. Levin said there’s enough research out there that disproves this idea, including a recent study in the United Kingdom that tracked 13,000 kids over 10 years and was unable to show any negative effects from kids who played games when compared to those who did not.MinecraftEdu正在为视频游戏平反昭雪——人们过去普遍认为,玩游戏视频游戏是浪费时间,而且更容易成瘾或造成不良行为。莱文说道,有充足多的研究指出,这一观点并不准确,其中还包括英国近期对1.3万名儿童积极开展的将近10年的跟踪调查。该调查表明,与不玩游戏的孩子比起,玩游戏的孩子未因为玩游戏而受到任何不良影响。“It’s about whether the school is willing to embrace new teaching methods and education in the classroom,” said Levin. “By and large, schools all over the world schools are really looking for teaching methods they can apply to 21st-century learning.”莱文说道:“关键问题在于,学校否不愿在课堂上用于新的教学方法和教育模式。

总的来说,全世界的学校都在严肃地找寻限于于21世纪教育的教学方法。”The cost of entry for educators is low at $391, which includes the software plus 25 licenses of the game. MinecraftEdu is only available for the PC, Mac and Linux, which fits in nicely with the classroom setting.对于教学人员来说,用于这款软件的成本低至391美元,其中还包括软件及25项许可。MinecraftEdu仅有限于于桌面电脑、苹果Mac电脑和Linux系统,而且可以很好地带入课堂环境中。